Asset Management

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What is Asset Management?

Broadly speaking, Asset Management is a system of recording and monitoring the items of value held by a person or company. This can be useful for taking inventory, calculating the value of a premises, and keeping track of the functionality and location of pieces of equipment around a site.

Do I need it?

Probably, yes. All companies and business premises find it useful to be able to track their physical assets, and in some cases are obligated to maintain some form of Asset Management system. These arrangements are often required for compliance with auditing and risk assessments, particularly where items are frequently moved around or loaned out.

Asset Management from Selectatest

In addition to our standard PAT Testing service, Asset Management involves surveying more than just the electrical appliances within a site, but takes into account all other items of value as well. We can keep a log of an item’s make and model, its serial number and location on site, as well as its condition and functionality. PAT Testing the item is not necessary to do this, but can be included in the service as well.

How do we do it?

Items such as furniture, fixed equipment and computer systems are recorded in detail by our technicians. Asset information such as the make, model, serial number and location can be logged into our PAT Testing equipment and included in our reports, so that you have a detailed log of exactly what items of value your premises has and where they are located within the building.

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PAT Testing made easy