AMPs: PAT Testing for Schools

Introducing our new Appliance Management Programmes (AMPs)…

…a new approach to PAT Testing, designed to keep your school safe whilst saving you time and money


Secure your PAT Testing from just

60p PER ITEM with NO INCREASE for 4 years!

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We offer the following as standard, with no hidden costs:

• A 4-year comprehensive PAT Testing Service Contract
• School model PAT Testing Policy Statement, compliant with IET Code of Practice
• Annually updated certificate of testing
• Annually updated interactive CD of all testing results covering the 4 year contract
• Concise Inventory List in PDF or Excel format
• Free replacement of incorrect fuses and damaged plugs
• Free replacement of any damaged IEC Leads

The revolutionary new Appliance Management Programmes (AMPs) from Selectatest are specifically tailored to your school’s needs and budget. This unique approach will help you reduce costs and administration time, whilst taking the stress out of staying compliant with an ever-changing array of legislation.

Don’t need 4 Years coverage? Try AMPs Lite

What are AMPs?

AMP is exactly that: an Appliance Management Programme. Instead of testing everything with a plug on it every time we visit your premises, we can save you a huge amount of time, effort and money by managing your testing as recommended in the IET Code of Practice. The programme runs for four years, with a fixed fee based on your first year’s testing. There is no need for you to re-evaluate your testing needs for these four years: the programme schedule does that for you.

The IET Code of Practice recognises that annually PAT testing every appliance is not always the best option, as different appliances carry differing risks depending on their intended use, location and a number of other factors. AMPs utilise detailed Risk Assessments to determine the frequency of testing required for each appliance, eliminating any excessive testing. It is through these risk assessments that we devise a schedule of testing for the four years of the programme.

There is a range of AMP packages to choose from, depending on your PAT needs and budget. Each package comes with a comprehensive range of features included and a detailed schedule of which appliances will be tested and when.

In short, AMPs aim to remove all stress and confusion involved in organising your PAT Testing, whilst at the same time eliminate over-testing and cut the cost as a result.

Why choose AMP?

AMPs are intended exclusively for large educational establishments, and ensures complete compliance with all PAT Testing legislation for the entire duration of the programme. It is specifically tailored to simplify PAT Testing in schools and consolidates the test results data, so the next time Ofsted ask about electrical safety in your school, all you need to do is show them your AMP policy!

So, how does AMP work?

The AMPs are developed from detailed risk assessments, which evaluate the necessary frequency of PAT testing for each appliance based on a number of factors including the item’s intended use, the environment in which it is situated, and its physical design and electrical make-up (in particular whether it is a Class I or Class II appliance).

Every electrical appliance in your school can be categorised into one of six main groups: Stationary, IT, Moveable, Portable, Handheld and Fixed Appliances. Which category an appliance falls into – as well as its location on the premises – will determine the frequency of testing required during the four-year programme, as these indicate the level of risk associated with the appliance and its possible deterioration.

Four-Year Cycle for Appliance Categories

Suggested Categories for Common Appliances

AMPs are designed to ensure that every appliance is tested as often as required, but no more than necessary. You will still have annual PAT Testing visits, but during some of these visits it will not be necessary to test certain items, such as IT Equipment. This brings the average number of tests per year down, helping to cut the cost.

This is the AMPs 4-Year Testing Schedule:

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
Equipment Category Class 1 Class 2 Class 1 Class 2 Class 1 Class 2 Class 1 Class 2
IT CIT CIT None* None FVI FVI None* None
F None None None None None None None None
  • None* – Applies to Computer Suites, Classroom Networks, Offices and other similar areas, subject to environmental and usage conditions
  • FVI – Formal Visual Inspection
  • CIT – Combined Inspection & Testing (incorporating FVI)
  • S – Stationary Appliance
  • IT – Information Technology Appliance
  • M – Moveable Appliance
  • P – Portable Appliance
  • H – Handheld Appliance
  • F – Fixed Appliance

There are four Service Levels available on the AMP, each one offering a variety of features depending on your PAT needs and budget:

  Service Level
Services Included Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
4 Year PAT Testing Service Contract
School Model PAT Testing Policy Statement compliant with IEE Code of Practice
Annually Updated Certificate of Testing
Annually Updated Interactive CD of all testing results covering the 4 Year Contract
Concise Inventory List in PDF Format
Concise Inventory List converted to Excel Spreadsheet format for extension to Asset Inventory Management Control Document    
Microwave Radiation Leakage Standard Safety Test      
Microwave Radiation Leakage Test to BS EN 50335-2 2002    
1 free half-day recall per year to deal with missed items or new additions    
2 free half-day recall per year to deal with missed items or new additions      
Free Replacement of incorrect fuses and damaged plugs  
Free replacement of any damaged IEC Leads    
All new appliances added after 1st year of testing charged at standard appliance test fee rate      
100 FREE extra appliances tests for items added after 1st Year. Additional appliances charged at standard appliance fee rate      
200 FREE extra appliances tests for items added after 1st Year. Additional appliances charged at standard appliance fee rate      
300 FREE extra appliances tests for items added after
1st Year. Additional appliances charged at standard appliance fee rate
Half day school staff training for Internal User Check
Free Socket Testing-25% of school socket population
each year

What will I actually get for my money?

Besides the peace of mind of knowing your school’s electrical appliances are Health & Safety compliant, you will also receive detailed documentation of the fact, so that the next time you have an Ofsted inspection you have all the information for your appliances at your fingertips. Your AMPs Service Level Agreement coupled with a complete collection of your most recent PAT results will be all you’ll need to demonstrate that every care has been taken to ensure the safety of your appliances. To see examples of the documents and how the data is presented, click the links below.

Dispatched within 8 working days of completing the testing
Asset List Report

Fails Report

Dispatched upon receipt of payment
Detailed Report

Where did AMPs come from?

Selectatest have been specialising in keeping schools safe from fire and injury caused by faulty electrical appliances for over fifteen years. In that time we have seen the PAT testing market become increasingly competitive. But companies are competing with each other for the sake of a few pence per appliance while offering a fundamentally similar service.

AMPs offer you more – not just a few pence here and there, but a considerable saving combined with an exceptional service. We’re really excited about it and feel that it would make a difference to how schools across the country manage their PAT Testing.

What do you think?

We have developed AMPs after speaking to Bursars and Site Managers at schools across the country, and it’s designed around your feedback.

We would be really interested to hear your views, so if you have any suggestions or comments, or if there’s anything else we can help you with, please use the form to the right of this page to contact us.

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