Facilities Management

PAT Testing made easy

Where we excel

Here at Selectatest, we are well-versed in carrying out work on behalf of large Facilities Management companies, and have acted as a sub-contractor for some big names within the industry.

We are able to perform a variety of different methods of testing electrical installations, appliances and machinery; we have the equipment and technical know-how to test any electrical circuit’s safety. So, whether you need the tools in your vans PAT Testing, an EICR for your buildings, or to locate the cause of overheating in your heavy-duty machinery, we can provide exactly what you need.

Our technical staff are highly qualified and well-trained, so all of our testing is carried out to first-rate standards. Our Accreditations evidence our dedication to delivering the best service possible, working to the highest standards of Health & Safety so you can be confident that whatever circuitry we are inspecting on your behalf, it will be tested thoroughly against all the necessary legal criteria.

Our staff at Head Office are proficient at managing large projects as well, able to cover large numbers of sites nationwide. In fact, scheduling testing over a multitude of sites is our speciality, even in situations where scheduling can be difficult to organise (for example in the case of Periodic Inspections for Social Housing or Student properties, where tenants have their own schedules to be concerned with and gaining access can be complicated). We pride ourselves in delivering a prompt and thorough service, no matter how extensive a project may be.

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To contact us for a preliminary survey and a quote for your project, please call us on 0845 465 0464 or use our contact form to get in touch.