Induction Loop

Induction Loop

What is an Induction Loop?

Induction loops (also known as AFILS or Audio Frequency Induction Loop Systems) are audio transmission systems designed to assist hearing impaired listeners by means of a magnetic field.  A coil mounted in a hearing aid or other receiver receives the magnetic field, enabling the user to hear the signal without the interfering effects of distance and background noise. Induction Loop systems are often used in many high-traffic public buildings, such as concert halls, ticket kiosks, waiting rooms, exercise studios, homes, places of worship, and cultural and scientific buildings.

Induction Loop Legislation

Current UK regulations are put in place to avoid discrimination against disabled people, including the hearing impaired, and in the case of Induction Loop systems this is covered by four main pieces of legislation:

The Building Regulations (2010)
The Equality Act (2010)
The Care Standards Act (2002)
British Standard BS8300 (2010)

Put simply, these specify that newly built or substantially reconstructed non-domestic buildings must provide aids for the hearing impaired, and any employer must permanently install such aids in the workplace. Care homes are also bound by the Care Standards Act to make adaptations and provide equipment for residents, including AFILS. Furthermore, legislation dictates that it is the responsibility of the employer/service provider to ensure such systems are properly maintained.

As with any electrical system, Induction Loops are subject to deterioration over time, so periodic testing and maintenance are essential in order to preserve the service the systems provide. It is recommended that you test your AFILS every 12 months, so that any problems can be detected and rectified promptly, minimising the risk of disability discrimination claims.

How can Selectatest help?

Selectatest has technicians fully trained and equipped to test AFILS to the standards of BS7594:2011 (The Code of Practice for Audio-Frequency Induction Loop Systems), which relates specifically to the correct installation, usage and maintenance of Induction Loop systems in the UK. You can relax and leave the testing and maintenance issues to us, we will even remind you when your next test is due.

For further information on our AFILS testing services, call us on 0845 465 0468, or simply fill out the form to the right of this page and we will get in touch with you shortly.