Periodic Testing for Schools

Periodic Testing

What is Periodic Testing? (Electrical Installation Condition Reports)

Periodic testing, also referred to as fixed or hard wire testing, is a statutory requirement involving professional testing of the electrical systems, circuits and any service carrying electricity around the building.

Do we need it?

Yes – all electrical installations deteriorate with age and use, therefore it is imperative to ensure the safety of users and/or equipment to reduce the risk of personal injury, death or fire.

The Electricity at Work regulations (EAWR 1989) state that you must take adequate precautions to ensure the safety of the installation.

Faulty electrical installations present a real danger with over 3000 accidents or incidents reported to the HSE each year. Also, insurance companies can request that the installation has been recently adequately inspected before assuming cover for a building, and in the event of an electrical accident, the duty-holder’s legal defense will be built mainly upon their inspection records.

How often should it be done?

This is varies depending on the type of establishment. In the case of schools it is a statutory requirement to carry out inspections and testing at least every five years.

Periodic Testing Packages for Schools

Until fairly recently Periodic (Fixed Wire) Testing in most schools was the responsibility of Local Authorities. Today, with many schools taking on Academy status and numerous Local Authorities handing these responsibilities over to the schools, many school staff are now having to organise (and budget for) this sort of work themselves.

At Selectatest, we’re aware that many schools manage their budgets on an annual basis, so in the case of Periodic Testing this can seem like quite a hefty bill in the year that it comes around. For that reason we now offer a range of Packages to aid schools in managing their budgets, allowing them to spread the cost of their Periodic Inspection across the five-year period.

There are several payment plans to choose from, one example is given below (please note, all prices given are for illustrative purposes only and will vary according to the details of each installation*).

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Total Price % Saving compared to scheme A
Scheme A Testing Plan 40% + T T 40% + T T 40% + T £3600* N/A
Scheme A Payment Plan £720* £720* £720* £720* £720*
Scheme B Testing Plan 40% + T 40% + T 40% + T T T £3420* 5%
Scheme B Payment Plan £1140* £1140* £1140* £0* £0*
Scheme C Testing Plan 60% + T 60% + T T T T £3240* 10%
Scheme C Payment Plan £1620* £1620* £0* £0* £0*
Scheme D Testing Plan 100% + T T T T T £2880* 20%
Scheme D Payment Plan £2880* £0* £0* £0* £0*
  • T = Thermographic Survey
  • *All prices exclusive of VAT

All of these packages are formulated to ensure that a minimum of 100% of your installation is tested, fulfilling your Health & Safety obligations to BS7671 standards. Some of these packages deliver 120% testing, meaning that we will actually double-check 20% of the circuitry in the later test visits, just to keep an eye on things. And best of all, we’ll make return visits every year throughout the five-year period – regardless of which package you’re on – to carry out an additional thermographic survey, so you know your installation is being monitored.

What’s more, we remain completely impartial as we restrict ourselves to inspection and testing only. We do not deal with repairs and will not be chasing remedial work. We can recommend professionals to you should an issue arise, but we have nothing to gain from fabricating one.

These package deals have been devised specifically with schools in mind, and are available only to schools. To get a no obligation quotation, contact us to arrange a free survey. You can email us or use the contact form on the right of this page. Alternatively you can call us on 0845 465 0468.

How do I choose a reputable tester?

When you require a Periodic Test, you need to be confident that the electrician you hire is fully qualified to carry out the work, and is not going to fabricate problems or issues in order to profit from rectifying them.

Always check the Accreditations of your tester to ensure they are properly certified to perform the test. Electricians registered with NICEIC are assessed on a regular basis, and their work is checked against the IET Wiring Regulations BS 7671, while NAPIT are Government-approved register holders for those carrying out electrical installation and equipment testing. For a full list of Selectatest Accreditations click here.

It is also important to consider the impartiality of the tester. Testing and repairs are not the same service, and an electrician who offers both may be chasing remedial work. Here at Selectatest, we remain unbiased by sticking to the testing, and have nothing to gain from falsifying repairs work (although we can recommend local electricians to you should we find a fault during the testing).

Periodic Testing by Selectatest

All periodic testing carried out by Selectatest adheres to the latest version of BS7671, and all of our electricians are qualified to City and Guilds 2391 as a minimum (copies of their certificates can be made available upon request).

We are committed to ensuring that our clients are confident in the quality of our service. We utilise industry-leading NICEIC electronic certificate software to produce highly detailed EICRs (Electrical Installation Condition Reports) which give a comprehensive overview of the electrical installation. All EICRs are reviewed by a Registered Qualified Supervisor and include information on the details of the installation and its condition, any observations and recommendations, and a full breakdown of every circuit in the installation and their individual test results. To see an example EICR Certificate, click here.

We can work out of hours to minimise disruption to your business.

As we remain impartial on testing, we can obtain competitive quotations for you for any necessary remedial work from reputable local businesses who meet our stringent requirements on accreditations and insurances.
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