Thermographic Surveys

Thermographic Surveys

Selectatest offers a swift condition monitoring option in the form of a thermographic survey.

Thermal imaging cameras can highlight a range of dangers, from overheating machinery to poor insulation, even among physically inaccessible components, and potentially save a plant thousands of pounds.

What are the advantages of using thermographic imaging?

The use of thermal imaging cameras is very useful for inspecting machinery and other systems in a non-destructive, non-contact way. This means that during the inspection, the system being monitored does not need to be switched off or disconnected, particularly handy in the case of important machinery with long start-up periods.

Thermographic surveys can also target otherwise inaccessible components within machinery, and identify parts that are functioning outside temperature limits. What’s more, all of this can be achieved with minimal disruption, since thermal images can be gathered swiftly from a safe distance while machinery is still running.

Thermal imaging techniques are not limited to machinery and electrical equipment; they have also been used to survey buildings. A thermographic survey can pinpoint drafts and poor insulation, as well as construction failures that are causing heat loss, humidity and air leaks. Once identified, these issues can be quickly rectified, helping to make your business more energy efficient and in the long-term save you money.